3 Ways How The Media And Publishing Industry Can Optimize The Customer Experience

3 Ways How The Media And Publishing Industry Can Optimize The Customer Experience

We are witnessing a veritable digital revolution, and it is changing pretty much every aspect of the world around us. Industries are now reevaluating a number of significant details regarding how they do business in order to stay competitive in the modern world. This is true for all industries, not just ones that have popped up recently as a result of the digital revolution.

Two closely related industries that have been perhaps most significantly impacted by the digital revolution are the print and media industries. People don’t want to watch television or read newspapers anymore. Or rather, they don’t want to consume the content in the same format. Instead, they want everything in a digital format, and they also want content providers that are diverse rather than having separate platforms for reading and watching content.

Hence, in light of the changes that have occurred over the past few years, media and publishing companies need to do whatever they can to stay competitive. There are a number of things that they can now focus on in their attempts. Part of this is prioritizing customer experiences and optimizing them. Providing an incredible and unique customer experience will help set companies apart and allow them to stay competitive.

One good way of improving customer experience is by using a CIAM solution. CIAM stands for customer identity and access management, and it is already widely used by a lot of companies all around the world with excellent results. CIAM is supposed to help you better understand your customer, and also make it easier for them to access the various platforms and outlets that you are managing.

It is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with a helpdesk support software such as the one offered by Kayako, as it allows you to create a top notch customer experience to begin with and subsequently use the helpdesk to handle any customers that might not have been satisfied with the experience that you are providing. It is best to cover all of your bases, and this combination helps you do just that.

Using a CIAM solution can greatly improve the customer experience to the extent where it will bring publishing and media companies into an entirely new era. However, much like any other proposed solution, it needs to justify itself in order to be considered viable. Here some benefits that are associated with implementing a CIAM solution.

#1 Helps Provide Consistency Which Increases Subscription Rates

The first thing that a publishing house or media company will have to focus on in order to stay competitive is diversifying the platforms they offer their content on. This allows users to get a wider variety of content from the same source which is both convenient and a lot more profitable for the company. It also gives a bit of an illusion of choice to users that want more diversity in their content.

However, many media companies make the mistake of requiring separate logins for each platform. This makes sense from a data preservation point of view, but digital content is more about common sense rather than stark, cold logic. Users don’t want to have to log in separately for each platform, so if this is the case with your platforms you would find that conversion rates will tend to stay rather low.

Media companies and publishers that offer a more streamlined experience will find that they fare a lot better. If subscribing to a new service or platform is as simple as a single click to log in with the same details, you will find that users will be far more likely to do it. After all, they are looking for new content they are just wary of how difficult it might be to gain access to it.

The whole point of this mindset is to help media companies enter the modern age completely. A media network that consists of interconnected user experiences is going to attract a lot more users to each of its various platforms.

One Australian company by the name of Bauer Media was able to resoundingly reduce registration time by implementing a CIAM solution. Registration times were reduced from nearly four minutes to about seven seconds. This obviously helped Bauer Media enjoy a far higher conversion rate as well as an overall higher rate of people subscribing to their services in the first place.

#2 Ascertain User Preferences to Help Generate Optimal Content

The aforementioned digital revolution hasn’t just changed the way content is presented to users. It has also had a significant impact on the manner in which media and publishing companies are able to earn money as well. In the modern era, such companies are supposed to earn a majority of their revenue from ads rather than paid subscriptions.

Recent analyses by Statista have shown that ad revenue has been consistently decreasing over the past half-decade. This is because of the fact that digital media companies are slow to understand what type of content the consumers want. Long gone are the days where you could make by the numbers content that appealed to the lowest common denominator.

What these companies now have to do is generate content based on actual user preferences and interests. This will keep users engaged at an individual level, and of course a CIAM solution is the single best way for media and publishing companies to achieve this goal in the digital age. We can see a prominent example of this in the CBC, or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This media provider uses a CIAM solution to understand what it is that their audience actually wants to see. They then use this data to create content that conforms to these interests.

The data collection process involves a series of surveys and the like. It really is the simplest way to do things: by just asking customers what they want to see. CBC’s writers then write shows according to the preferences that have been determined among the people that have been asked. This has had a marked impact on engagement. It is important to remember that just getting customers to view your content is not going to be enough. You need to keep users engaged so that they keep coming back for more. This is also a good way to justify subscription to your users, because consistently engaging content is something that they are going to want to stay up to date on.

#3 Make It Easier For Users to Interact With Content

The way things were before the digital revolution, audiences tended to be passive observers. They would watch whatever was on, and the whole point of media was to get them watching in the first place. Now, however, active engagement is where it’s at. Audiences today are very closely involved with the content they are consuming. Many companies struggle to understand audience preferences and keep them engaged because of the fact that there is such a high volume of users that they are seeing every day.

A CIAM solution can help media companies process logins at a much higher rate than they have been able to in the past. Media companies can now handle tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of logins each second. This makes a CIAM solution not just useful for large media companies that see a high volume of traffic, it makes it a necessity in order to stay viable in an age of increasingly digitized media.

A significant example of how a CIAM solution can help companies can be seen in how Viacom18, one of the biggest media companies in rising India. Viacom18 produces a number of shows that allow the people watching to vote for people on TV shows. The producers obviously need some way to manage the enormous log in volume that would inevitably occur when people try to sign in to their accounts to vote. A CIAM solution handled this nicely, allowing votes to be recorded in short periods of time with no difficulty whatsoever.

It is plain to see that a CIAM solution can give a media or publishing company a great many benefits, so if you want to stay relevant in the age of digital media it is important that you look into it. A free demo will help you better understand whether a CIAM solution would work for you.


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